Fundraiser for Essex Card Shop

Please pardon this brief sidenote on a very local concern for us here at EDITH! As you may know, we are based in New York City’s Lower East Side. On Monday this week our longtime stationery (plus pens, paper clips, printer ink, batteries, children’s party supplies, toys, crafts, doodad, UPS, and starting during the pandemic, household basics like soap, sponges, etc.) shop—oh, and they’re a notary public as well—was irreparably damaged in a fire. The outpouring of support from the community was immediate. The owners are always so friendly, so calm and kind, and over many years their store had become a real source of continuity and comfort for the neighborhood.

One of the co-owner’s daughters has set up a GoFundMe: Help Essex Card Shop on Ave A.

We’ll leave you with a PDF of the gift they hand out to customers—five pages of their collected wisdom on how to be. Please enjoy.

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