EDITH updates, v3

This last week was back-to-school week for the EDITH extended family, so we’re light on big news, but a few things are worth mentioning:

The Sensitivity Review category is up.

We are looking to interview people who work as writing coaches, or creative coaches more generally. If you are involved in that kind of work, and would be willing to talk about your experiences, please get in touch simply by replying to this email. Or if you know someone so engaged who might be eager to talk to us about their work, please send them our way.

Literal is a sleek new app from a small team based in Berlin who are hoping to improve on Goodreads. While Googling to find the correct link to insert here, I discovered a second Literal app, this one bringing customizable character avatars to the experience of reading school-assigned texts such as Romeo and Juliet on your phone. Will they both be able to succeed and keep the name? Let’s watch and see. (I hope that doesn’t sound sarcastic. Yes, I’m typing this tired, late on a Friday night, but am genuinely, sincerely excited by all the activity in this space, and wishing them all good developments.)

Beowulf Sheehan’s offer to do a remote photoshoot with new EDITH signer-uppers still stands. Holler if you’re interested in a new profile photo (for free!) and we’ll throw your name into the hat.

And all you beautiful people who have listings in Draft mode but haven’t published them yet, please let me know if I can help in some way. Or if you perhaps have questions, concerns, or complaints I can address. I’m scheduling a couple of calls this next week along those lines, and am happy to schedule more. 

P.S. The CW Pencil Enterprise is closing in November, and selling out of remaining inventory quickly. If this news bums you out as it did me, hurry and buy your Mitsubishi Hi-Uni pencils now. The HB variety writes like butter—a great gift for the production editors and margin-scribblers in your life.

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