EDITH updates, v2

Biweekly newsletter number two! This one contains newsy items about what we’ve been seeing online, and how it might impact us—in the broader sense, not just our small, but growing daily, cohort.

But first, many thanks to those who have started to draft profiles. As an incentive to start drafting a listing page, friend of EDITH and renowned portrait photographer Beowulf Sheehan is offering a free remote headshot session to one person chosen at random from the first fifteen people to publish a listing page. (So I suppose you’d have to publish your page, and then once you get a new profile photo, update it. But it’s really easily done.) His work is beautiful and you can browse his portfolio of remote portraits, all done in the last year, mostly with just an iPhone, here

Newsy items:

  • A new professional networking site called Polywork is under construction; it’s currently in beta. They are going after Linkedin, or trying to make a LinkedIn alternative that’s more palatable to young people. I received a “VIP code” from someone—and ugh, why not simply call it an “Invite code”? I just know a guy who knows a guy, nothing very or important about it—and checked it out. The only feature I think is notable is one that reminds me of plans we had for EDITH a while back: To display a project timeline on profiles. We also wanted to let people tag collaborators, so ultimately users could click on a book title and see everyone who worked on that book, and in what capacity. It would be like an acknowledgments page brought to digital, dynamic life. Someday.
  • On the tech and democracy front, I thought The People’s Declaration from Europe was interesting. They too have the yellow highlight design motif. And I saw the ad below on the NYC subway earlier this summer (you may have to zoom in on the word “flow” to see it). Then I saw IDEO uses it too. Yikes. Maybe we’ll switch to a lilac or geranium red highlight. Maybe we’ll change colors every season. Suggestions welcome.
  • Many very minor site updates went into effect this week. One quick note as we still haven’t fixed this yet: If asked in the listing wizard whether you’re open to meeting in person, please select “Video call only” while we sort out the quirky (and confusing) way the “Yes” and “No” replies displayed on listings. You can always change it later.
  • Next updates issue: We need to talk about the Therapy category. 

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