Good points all

So yesterday we had the joy and fun of reconnecting with fellow editor Jed Bickman, inspiration for EDITH from way back (and it’s a long story we’ll tell once we have more time), and he had some good suggestions which I’ll note here because transparency is interesting and why not:

  • We should add “Sensitivity Read” as a category. I agree.
  • Ditto “Permissions Editing” or just “Permissions.” He’s probably right though I would love to hear from more people who regularly find themselves clearing permissions for their own projects or for clients. Is this you? Write to and let me know what makes for a good permissions person.
  • Stripe! Our payment processor. The listing creation wizard asks you to enter your payment details, and it’s a couple of pages worth, and this can for obvious reasons give people pause, even though the point is to allow you to get paid promptly. Might we change this, Jed asked? Sadly there’s no obvious, inexpensive path to doing this, development-wise, but changing the wizard so that you are not asked to provide payment details until someone has booked you for a gig is something we’ve discussed and will discuss again if this concern keeps coming up.

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