Have we not asked a question we should have?

We’re working on expanding the section of the site where we invite people to describe their expertise; it’s part of the “listing wizard.” we wanted to include this bit:

Have we not asked a question we should have? [Y/N if Y, “Please add that question and your answer here” appears, plus two text entry fields. Question: ______ and Answer: ______]

But as often happens in designing websites (or when revising manuscripts, for that matter), is that an addition that seemed like a good idea at one point starts to look excessive, superfluous, a bit later on. So we cut it.

We still like the question, though, so will pose it here: Does the EDITH “Experience” page ask the right questions, or is there an aspect of your professional practice that you’d like to mention but it didn’t fit anywhere next to the prompts and questions posed?

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