We are working on the negotiable pricing feature, and it’s taking some time. Project manager Kate also reports that Riga is experiencing a heat wave. Thankfully it coincided with some days off for the technical team. Work resumes Monday and we’ll see updates next week.


So thanks to writer Mac Montandon, we know this is happening: Edith! the “satirical historical fiction” podcast about former First Lady Edith Wilson, starring Rosamund Pike, or rather, as I continue to think even though it’s been years, Jane Bennet.

What can we say? Edith is a good name and title! Also, thanks to whoever designed the show graphics for supporting our belief that “Edith” also lends itself well to all-caps treatment.

Have we not asked a question we should have?

We’re working on expanding the section of the site where we invite people to describe their expertise; it’s part of the “listing wizard.” we wanted to include this bit:

Have we not asked a question we should have? [Y/N if Y, “Please add that question and your answer here” appears, plus two text entry fields. Question: ______ and Answer: ______]

But as often happens in designing websites (or when revising manuscripts, for that matter), is that an addition that seemed like a good idea at one point starts to look excessive, superfluous, a bit later on. So we cut it.

We still like the question, though, so will pose it here: Does the EDITH “Experience” page ask the right questions, or is there an aspect of your professional practice that you’d like to mention but it didn’t fit anywhere next to the prompts and questions posed?

Fixes in progress

A big thanks to all taking a look around the beta site, kicking the tires, and letting us know what they find. Here I’ll post a quick rundown of the fixes in progress, so you know what we’re aware of and working on.

September 28 UPDATE

It’s been a while! Thanks for your patience and thanks for your emails. Here is what we’re working on next:

  • An email from one of our first providers: “I want to change the order of photos on my provider page, but the page doesn’t let me sort photographs. It only lets me upload them. I therefore need to delete and upload pictures anew each time I want to change their order. Would you please fix this?” We will try! It’s tricky.
  • Changing the language surrounding the “Therapy” category, and indeed changing the name of the category to “Coaching.”
  • Improvements to the Calendar page in the listing wizard
  • Improvements to the Experience page in the listing wizard
  • Improvements to the Location pages in the listing wizard
  • Improvements to the Rates page in the listing wizard
  • Perhaps most important: Changing the listing publication process so that you’re not asked to verify your Stripe credentials before you can publish your listing.

August 18 UPDATE

  • “Didn’t get the email? Resend it. Whoops, typo in your email? Fix it.” Unfortunately “Resend” and “Fix it” are not in the same color and “Fix it” does not hyperlink yellow.
  • Times displayed in schedule picker are cut off on the right side.

August 9 UPDATE

The spot where providers can indicate how they’d like to meet looks odd. All appears fine when someone has selected “Video call only” but if they’ve indicated they’re up for meeting in person, all you see on their listing page is “Yes” and that’s indeed weird. Yes to what? Yes and how many? The page does not say. So we’re fixing that.

July 28 UPDATE

  • Negotiable pricing moved to production!
  • Discovered that the 404 and 500 pages are no good. We’re on it.

July 24 UPDATE

  • Negotiable or perhaps better terms “project fee” pricing still in progress; there’s an iOS issue that’s holding us up.
  • Moving on to the C.V. page revisions.

June 10 UPDATE

  • More styles stabilization. Ugh. Endless.

June 2

  • Negotiable pricing option; a simple rate per hour doesn’t work for everyone, or every job
  • glitch in the “Services” drop-down that moves it around the screen in unhelpful ways
  • Our <h1> font is too big; we’d fixed this in staging but it didn’t move to production
  • Auto crop in avatar photos is wonky
  • Mixed-up image orientation in listing wizard, so image files that are uploaded portrait-style appear in landscape mode
  • Some other font/styling inconsistencies
  • Last but as important as first item: a greatly expanded C.V. page that we’ll call “Experience” and that will let people more fully and accurately reflect their expertise, esp. those who (for a variety of reasons) can’t tie their work experience directly to published book titles

We’ll update this often! Thanks again.