Authors Guild petition

This week the Authors Guild circulated a letter to McGraw-Hill CEO Simon Allen and General Counsel David Stafford, asking that the company end its new practice of charging freelance contractors a 2.2% “Small Supplier Fee” on every invoice. McGraw-Hill claims that the fee is needed to meet the company’s compliance costs, as they’re now using a third-party vendor to “minimize the company’s risks of misclassifying independent contractors.” Of course the costs associated with processing invoices—regardless of risk environment—are a normal cost of doing business. The Authors Guild calls the decision to pass it on to freelancers “tantamount to wage theft.” I also find it silly. McGraw-Hill relies on trusted freelance professionals to make their products; surely they can find other places in their budget to trim that won’t signal their (shortsighted) disregard for freelancers in such a transparent way. You can view and sign the petition here.

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