Preach it

“The time has come for those of us who work in book-length nonfiction to insist that professional fact-checking become as inalienable from publishing as publicity, marketing and jacket design — and at the publisher’s expense rather than as a cost passed on to the author, who, understandably, will often choose to spend her money on health care. In the age of tweets, it cannot be the fate of the book to become ever more tweetlike — maybe factual, maybe whatever. The book must stand apart, must stand above.”

Anand Giridharadas in the NYTBR

Name change

So in 2015 we registered as, conveniently our URL as well. For a host of reasons, that name now has to go, and that entails filing a Certificate of Amendment with the state’s Division of Corporations. Our first application for a name change was denied, because it was too close to an existing company name, though the company has been inactive for several years. No matter. These things happen. We filled out another application, wrote an additional check for $25 for expedited handling, and sent another envelope Priority Mail to Albany today.

Is there really such urgency? Only in our heads, so yes!